9 Biggest Health and Fitness Mistakes Even the Smart People Make

Corporate health and fitness company ‘Healthy Executives’ shares with you some common mistakes that people make with their workouts and nutrition.
A number of these mistakes can be very costly and can lead to injury and may be the difference between a successful and ineffective workout.1. Not having breakfast – Skipping breakfast will slow the metabolism and have you reaching for the not so healthy options around mid morning. If you are not used to having breakfast then start with just a piece of wholegrain toast.2. Not warming up or cooling down – Muscles need time to adjust to the demands of the activities placed on them. If you plan on going for a run then a slow increase in intensity will prepare your joints and muscles for what they are about to do. Take at least 3 – 5 minutes after any exercise to stretch your muscles. This is an ideal time to enhance your flexibility as your muscles are more pliable and can prevent injuries.3. Too much caffeine – (more than 600mg can affect your health) A standard cup has 80mg. If you need a substance to change the way you feel (wake up or feel good) then you possibly have an addiction.4. Not eating any carbohydrates – There is so much hype about carbohydrates that most people make the mistake of not having any at all. There are good carbs (fruit, wholegrain bread, rolled oats etc) and bad carbs (white flour, sugar, white rice etc). Include much more of the good stuff in your diet and moderate the portions of the bad carbs.5. Wearing the same exercise shoes for too long – 750km of running or about 1 year of use is ideal. Wearing the same shoes for too long can lead to overuse injuries in the lower leg (knees, shins, ankles and feet).6. Not enough sleep – Ideally aim to get around 8 hours. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to lowered immune system and heart disease.7. Lifting more weight than you can handle- : You know you are lifting too much weight when your technique is sacrificed in order to lift a heavier load. Gradually increase the resistance of your workout to prevent injury. Talk to any bodybuilder and they will tell you it is not about how much weight you lift. If you have to jerk your body while lifting your weight then you are lifting too much.8. Not drinking enough water – Keep a bottle of water on hand to top up your fluid levels. If you wait till you are thirsty – you are already dehydrated.9. Not exercising intensely enough – Leaning on the side bars of the stair-master will lower the intensity of the workout as well as put a strain on your wrists and lower back. If your intention is to lose body-fat then you will need to exercise intensely enough to get you huffing and puffing with a light sweat.

Health and Fitness Software, What Should Be in It? Part 1

Let’s keep the answer simple; everything that is related to your health and you can record it in a database.The most important indicators for your state of health can be measured though your vital signs, like blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart beat, body mass index etcetera. The major input that influence these health indicators are what and how much you eat and drink, smoke, medication use, life style, daily activity and air quality.Beside our genetic disposition, we are what we eat, drink and breathe.A good health and fitness software program should be able to capture the above mentioned input and correlate the results with the output, or health indicators. This way you create a cause and effect system that the user can analyze and consequently take corrective measures and improve his or her overall health.The bigger picture teaches us that an effective health and fitness software program contains modules that can monitor our food intake, record our body measurements and vital signs. Furthermore it should track our daily activities and convert them into calories burned. Also it should keep track of our medicine and supplement intake and monitor our overall health level. For the sport and bodybuilders we need additional modules that can keep track of our workout activities, sport results and fitness testsLet’s start with food intake.Most of the time we eat together with our family therefore a health and fitness software program should never be restricted to one user.People tend to repeat the recipes they cook and meals they prepare on a regular interval. For most people this interval is between 20 and 30 days. Furthermore people tend to buy more or less the same ingredients for their meals. For this reason a fitness or diet program boosting databases with thousands of food items will be more of a hindrance than a benefit. The reason that I say this is because it will be very time consuming to pick an ingredient for a recipe or meal plan from a list of thousands of ingredients.Look for a program that has the basic ingredients to build your recipes and allows you to add food items that are specific to your taste.A food’s nutrition facts change depending on how it is conserved, processed or cooked. For example a cup of canned spinach that is cooked will have totally different nutrition facts than a cup of fresh spinach. Look for a program that can make a distinction between these food properties.The cost of buying special diet foods can be a lot more (up to 2.5 times) than what the average American spends on food. It is a plus if a health and fitness software program can keep track of the food cost by recipe, meal and day. It is really a bonus if the program can compare grocery prices between shops and help you budget.A recipe module is imperative to a good health and fitness system. This is the place where you can experiment and adjust your recipes to your diet’s nutritional fact limits. The recipe should calculate its nutritional facts per portion depending on the weight ratio of each ingredient that has been added to the recipe. Naturally you should be able to print the recipe and see the total recipe cost and the cost per portion. Having the ability of adding recipe pictures is a plus.You should also have the ability to create multiple meal plans in the system. Maybe you would like a separate plan for the kids or baby. Or for a partner that has a cholesterol problem, high blood pressure or diabetes. Or you simply want to change diets. These meal plans should repeat over a certain amount of days. The timing of the meals should be more then just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many diets ask for many small recipe portions during the day. The food items that you select on the meal plan should come from the ingredients as well as from the recipes. For instance you can add a raw apple to your meal plan, which is an ingredient to make an apple sauce recipe. The apple sauce recipe or the raw apple can each be added to the meal planAs you would expect, the software program should be able to calculate the meal plan cost and nutrition facts by day and for the whole meal plan.How are you going to keep track of what you actually ate on a particular day and how do you know how to stick exactly to your plan? You do this by printing a meal plan worksheet for a particular day and you note the actual differences from the plan.We don’t have much time in today’s busy society; therefore you should be able to register the actual daily food consumption in less then 30 seconds. A system that forces you every day for every meal to select your food items from a list of thousands records is not going to make it in 30 seconds. Only select a system that automatically populates your meal plan for that day and you only update the actual differences from the plan.Just adding your daily food intake to a database is not going to benefit you. It will create a “data cemetery”, data that is never examined. The food data needs to be analyzed and correlated to other types of data like your body measurements or calories burned. Click on the calorie analysis hyperlink to view an example. The chart makes it very quickly clear that the calorie intake line is under the calories spent line and consequently you will lose weight.Next article I will talk about activity calorie counting and the factors involved…

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, located just minutes northwest of downtown Atlanta in the Cobb Galleria area, is one of the newest performing arts venues in the Atlanta area. It opened in the fall of 2007, and quickly became the new performance home of the Atlanta Opera after they moved from the Atlanta Civic Center. The acoustics are exceptional, and there is not a bad seat in the house.The core of the Performing Arts Centre is the striking John A. Williams Theatre. The theatre seats 2,750 people on three levels: orchestra, mezzanine, and grand tier. It was specially designed to attract touring Broadway productions. The orchestra pit is large enough to hold 84 musicians, and there is plenty of room backstage to store scenery. The Gas South Broadway Series will present several touring shows at the theatre during the 2010-11 season. Their presentations range from touring productions of musicals such as Oklahoma! and A Chorus Line, to a Cirque Dreams holiday show. In addition to the Atlanta Opera, the Performing Arts Centre is also used by the Atlanta Ballet for several of their productions every year. Many top name performers from a variety of musical genres have also performed there.The outside of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center is striking and futuristic looking. It sits on a hill with a view south toward the Atlanta skyline. The soaring main entrance contains an impressive alabaster staircase and massive contemporary chandeliers made of Murano glass. The top of the building is asymmetrical and appears to be three giant gray metallic waves.In addition to the theatre, the Performing Arts Centre contains the 10,000 square foot Kessel D. Sterling, Jr. Ballroom. This facility can be rented for special events such as weddings, conventions, banquets, corporate events, and gala balls. The onsite full service catering and fine dining services can provide everything necessary to host dinner parties, receptions, and buffets. The executive chef is M.G. Farris. The Cobb Energy Centre’s kitchens also oversee all of the concessions for the theatre.The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center is an easy venue to get to in Atlanta. It is located on Cobb Galleria Parkway, close to the intersection of I-75 and I-275. There is plenty of parking available in the parking garage and surrounding lots. A number of excellent restaurants are located nearby. It is an outstanding venue in which to enjoy a performance of any kind.