Misuse of Scientific Research in Health and Fitness Marketing

It can be very difficult to separate quality sources of health and fitness information from misleading or untruthful information used for manipulation or product promotion. One of the primary reasons is because sources of quality information and sources of mediocre information both use scientific data to make their information come across as more factual or compelling.Scientific studies are very useful for supporting or refuting theories and claims, but they are also problematic, because data can be easily manipulated by anyone who wants to use the information to their personal advantage. Data manipulation has become widespread in all fields, but it seems especially prevalent in health and fitness, because scientific claims are effective for promoting and selling products like exercise equipment, supplements, and diets programs.Even when scientific data is presented accurately, marketers still make misleading claims that are not supported by the studies they cite. Sometimes this is done on purpose, but it also happens because the people citing the studies frequently don’t understand the research or even basic scientific methodology. Surprisingly, this is more common than you might believe and it happens in all forms of media.As a result, scientific studies end up being used to promote ideas or products that are never supported or even discussed in the original research. Another problem is the person citing the scientific data may form his or her own conclusions from the data, even if they are in direct conflict with those of the original researchers. The reality is that whenever scientific data is presented, you will not necessarily have all the information you need.Of course, when companies use scientific information in advertisements, they only show the information that supports their products or services and any conflicting data is withheld. People realize this happens, but seeing or hearing scientific data still influences the way we think about things, because scientific information is thought of as being more factual than other information. In many ways this is true, but only if the information is presented fairly and accurately.The simple truth is you can find scientific data to support practically any product or viewpoint, especially if you are not concerned about maintaining the integrity of the information. Some companies even hire researchers specifically to conduct studies that will support their products. In these situations, the researchers are motivated to create specific outcomes, so the research is biased and often inaccurate.Research is critical for the advancement of knowledge, but you really have to watch out for the questionable ways many health and fitness companies use this information. For example, advertisements often make statements like “the group using product A improved 3 times more than group using product B,” but the changes in both groups may be so small that they are inconsequential. Therefore, the fact that one group improved more than the other doesn’t suggest that product A is any better than product B, but the information is presented in a way that makes you think it is.This is just one of many examples of how scientific information is misused in health and fitness and it reinforces the point that you shouldn’t automatically accept scientific data as fact, especially when it is part of an advertisement or presentation. If you are interested in a product, it is best to look up some information on your own, ideally from sources other than the company selling the product. If other sources agree with the initial information, then you can be more confident that the science is sound and not just another case of data manipulation.

Why a Camp Stove Is a Good Investment

Here are a few tips on why a camp stove is a good investment. Among your camping supplies, a camp stove should be considered a must!Camping and outdoor activities are a great way to spent time with family and friends, especially while creating and cooking meals at your favorite campground. When you are camping, you always want the convenience of cooking a meal without the wait. A campfire can be a bit of a hassle, and it takes time for that fire to be comfortable. Also, when you purchase wood at a campground it can be expensive. In addition, if you bring your own wood it’s heavy and takes up a lot of valuable packing space. Trust me, in place of an open flame, a camp stove is the answer! They are awesome! When you use a camp stove your meal is right at your finger tips. Remember, these are lightweight and easy to store, and when packing for a family space is something we can never have enough of.Consider bringing a couple of camp stoves along with you on your next trip. One that is light-weight is ideal for long hikes because you can pull it out of your backpack and cook a meal in a breeze. While, the other stove could be a sturdy one that adds to your camping cuisine. You’ll feel like a four-star chef in the great outdoors!While cooking on your next camping trip, consider the pollution that goes into the atmosphere. To keep our environment cleaner and safer, a propane camp stove is the green-solution. Propane fuel burns clean, and it’s more efficient than other gases. When you’re done with the gas cylinders, they can be recycled as well to minimize impact even further. That makes them an eco-friendly product, without the worries and guilt of an open fire.Not only are these products great for camping, they can be life-savers during an emergency situation. We all know losing electricity can cause all kinds of problems, and no one wants to be caught off-guard during horrifying weather conditions. When creating your 72-hour kits remember that having a source of self-sustaining heat will be just as important as those candles and flashlights. Hopefully, when the next disaster strikes you will be ready to manage your situation with minimal stress, and you will know that you can provide hot meals to nourish your family.Camp stoves also provide a great alternative to camp fires. They are a light-weight, compact, and easy to use method for cooking and preparing food. Whether you are backpacking, entertaining a few people, or a large group gathering, they prove to be a valuable asset. They come in all shapes and sizes which allows the adventurous chef to cook in any environment!A camp stove is a product you can use again and again without any problems. It’s fast and convenient while aiding you in emergencies or protecting the integrity of the environment. They maximize the enjoyment and safety, allowing you to feel at ease on your next camping trip or family vacation! Remember: a camp stove is a very good investment!

9 Biggest Health and Fitness Mistakes Even the Smart People Make

Corporate health and fitness company ‘Healthy Executives’ shares with you some common mistakes that people make with their workouts and nutrition.
A number of these mistakes can be very costly and can lead to injury and may be the difference between a successful and ineffective workout.1. Not having breakfast – Skipping breakfast will slow the metabolism and have you reaching for the not so healthy options around mid morning. If you are not used to having breakfast then start with just a piece of wholegrain toast.2. Not warming up or cooling down – Muscles need time to adjust to the demands of the activities placed on them. If you plan on going for a run then a slow increase in intensity will prepare your joints and muscles for what they are about to do. Take at least 3 – 5 minutes after any exercise to stretch your muscles. This is an ideal time to enhance your flexibility as your muscles are more pliable and can prevent injuries.3. Too much caffeine – (more than 600mg can affect your health) A standard cup has 80mg. If you need a substance to change the way you feel (wake up or feel good) then you possibly have an addiction.4. Not eating any carbohydrates – There is so much hype about carbohydrates that most people make the mistake of not having any at all. There are good carbs (fruit, wholegrain bread, rolled oats etc) and bad carbs (white flour, sugar, white rice etc). Include much more of the good stuff in your diet and moderate the portions of the bad carbs.5. Wearing the same exercise shoes for too long – 750km of running or about 1 year of use is ideal. Wearing the same shoes for too long can lead to overuse injuries in the lower leg (knees, shins, ankles and feet).6. Not enough sleep – Ideally aim to get around 8 hours. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to lowered immune system and heart disease.7. Lifting more weight than you can handle- : You know you are lifting too much weight when your technique is sacrificed in order to lift a heavier load. Gradually increase the resistance of your workout to prevent injury. Talk to any bodybuilder and they will tell you it is not about how much weight you lift. If you have to jerk your body while lifting your weight then you are lifting too much.8. Not drinking enough water – Keep a bottle of water on hand to top up your fluid levels. If you wait till you are thirsty – you are already dehydrated.9. Not exercising intensely enough – Leaning on the side bars of the stair-master will lower the intensity of the workout as well as put a strain on your wrists and lower back. If your intention is to lose body-fat then you will need to exercise intensely enough to get you huffing and puffing with a light sweat.