Health and Fitness – It is a Way of Life

Health and fitness are one of the biggest concerns in today’s society as most people tend live a sedentary lifestyle. This is inevitable because nowadays we seek for comfort and faster way of life. The advent of elevators, instant foods and so on greatly affects our health and fitness.Many of us drool over a washboard abs and a sexy figure as it is seen to be the norms and ideal physique. Hence, fitness centers and health clubs are mushrooming everywhere. They bombard us with various promotions and programs unfortunately it is expensive.If you can afford it, then go for it. But remember, there is more to health and fitness. Actually it is more about you and your habits that contribute to your current body physique.Everything starts with you.How committed are you to improve your health and fitness?Sure summer is here and everybody wants to flaunt their beautiful body along the beach. But summer comes along just two or three months a year. Is this your idea of your health and fitness? Isn’t health and fitness about how well you function everyday and how good you feel going about life and all its challenges?Imagine what you want to do when you are in your forties, fifties, or sixties. Do you see yourself still fit as a bull? Do you want a good retirement life? What about enjoying that life walking by your own feet instead of being pushed on a wheelchair? Let that image be your guide to develop healthy habits.Your habits define your waistline.Everyday choices contribute to your health and fitness. Whether you’ll be a size 0 or a size 10 three years or five years from now, it all depends on the daily choices you make about your health. That lunch you ate, the stairs up to your 4th floor office that you took, or the article you read – all these add to your overall state of health.Choices are simple: What to eat for lunch – Burger or Veggies? Going to that office in the 5th floor – Stairs or elevator? Newspaper article to read – 100 Deaths in a Faraway Island or Improving Your Health? Making these choices seem simple but realize that we constantly make choices. In fact we make choices everyday which become our habits.The habits we form shape us, literally. The results are not immediate but they become permanent because by the time your healthy choices become a habit, you have become consistent at making such choices. You feed your body mind and soul with healthy food, ideas and feelings that keep you healthy and fit.
It is more than just a hard abs.Always think, healthy choices form healthy habits. Sure it is good to spend money on gyms, health spas and fitness clubs but what matters most are the small choices you make for yourself about your health.Think of the difference it will make to your health if you choose to eat veggies instead of burger during most days. Think of the benefits you gain if you choose to climb that office stairs more often and constantly reading positive and reinforcing health related articles.Form healthy habits that you can do everyday. Keep it simple and make it a part of your everyday activities.

Why Health and Fitness Are Mandatory Today

We live in a world where health and fitness are becoming buzzwords owing to the expected and manifest repercussions of neglecting our bodies. Ancient human beings would be surprised if they resurrected to see the kinds of diseases that are troubling human beings today. Experts assert that lifestyle complications like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses and obesity and responsible for more deaths than conventional diseases like malaria and cholera to name a few.The importance of health and fitness can be understood when one considers the risk of mortality associated with being overweight or obese. Many human beings are living dangerously and are nearing the grave unless they drastically alter their lifestyles in terms of physical activity. It is now common to spend a day with a person who appears perfectly healthy, only to hear that the same individual is dead the following morning. In essence, we need to make our bodies more active and fit in order to avert untimely deaths.Morbidity is another reason that underlies the importance of health and fitness. It is a fact that people who are in bad physical shape (like overweight and obese persons) are more vulnerable to diseases and common illnesses. Since the blood in the veins cannot circulate optimally or blood vessels are clogged, the body’s ability to operate as it should and to ward off diseases is compromised. Individuals that are fit and healthy experience better health that those who are not.The importance of health and fitness can also be understood when one considers the career and financial implications of being sickly or overweight. Many people who have problems with being overweight often spend a lot of time visiting doctors to be treated for one health complication or the other. Consequently, they spend a lot of time away from work thus risking retrenchment. Moreover, their career progression is affected by constant absence from work. Eventually, some of them are forced to stop working thus affecting their livelihoods and those of their family members.Finally, the importance of health and fitness becomes clear when one considers the psychological impacts involved. Society often stigmatizes people who appear to be unfit or overweight. Obese children and adults are often subjected to taunts and insults. It is also possible for the affected child to develop inferiority complex and withdraw from the rest. The academic progress, career prospects and life chances of such a child are in jeopardy.

Get Back Your Shape Through Boot Camp Training

The idea is to push your body beyond its powers of endurance and force you into doing some work out at high intensity. Participants are trained by a stern instructor that acts like a drill sergeant, shouting orders and pushing participants to do more. This type of training may be seemingly harsh, but it is highly rewarding and that is the reason why it has gained huge popularity in recent times.A fitness boot camp is usually held outdoors – open-air grounds, parks or beaches – and the workouts seldom entail use of equipment, expect perhaps hand weights. The standard duration of fitness camp training is four to six weeks where you are pushed into workouts that are demanding and successively more strenuous.Discipline is rigidly enforced and you are not allowed to complain or allowed respite and whining is something that is severely dealt with. But all these rigors are worth it as people report amazing weight loss and fitness gains at the end of the training session.Since the physical workouts in a boot camp are rather intense, you should necessarily obtain clearance from your doctor before enrolling. Knowing beforehand that you are in robust health and can handle the boot camp is of paramount importance. In fact, many camp organizers may not admit you in the absence of a medical certificate.Before commencing boot camp exercise, always eat something nutritious and consume plenty of liquids – preferably water. You should drink as much water as you can in the hours before camp so that you are properly hydrated. Remember that dehydration can adversely affect your health during a boot camp. You will also be allowed to drink water in between exercises and you should seize on these opportunities as well.During the boot camp you will be required to push your body to its limits, but it is safer for you to know what your limits are. There is a difference between pain you feel in a working muscle and other types of pain. Your muscles may burn, which is fine, but sharp pains or pain in joints mean you need to back off. Your instructor will certainly know when you need to modify moves and when you need to stop.More and more people prefer fitness camps to exercising at home as losing weight and gaining physical fitness is a daunting task and you can achieve results only if guided and supervised by qualified trainers. Today, there are boot camps for everyone, from soldiers-in-training to obese teens to overweight adults. Fitness camps typically implement a workout program based on the calisthenic exercises used in military boot camps – such as squat thrusts, push ups and jumping jacks.Boot camp workouts are efficient because you work your entire body– heart and muscles–by going from one exercise to another with no rest. Fitness boot camp provide a power-packed workout within a short span of an hour or two. The session commences with a simple warm-up exercise like squatting or sit-ups or walking on the treadmill. The exercises become more and more tough and demanding as the session progresses.Mostly, retired army or navy personnel run fitness camps. The instructor is often harsh, shouting at his trainees and reprimanding them for their lapses. At the end of the day, it is the instructor’s mission to provide you the maximum workout possible and you know his good intentions and therefore not complain.However, to get back to good physical shape and achieve physical fitness, you have to select a reputed and reliable boot camp. For instance you can contact Camp Technique that conducts 8 Week Boot Camp that involves ninety minutes of rigorous workout to get your butt into shape, heart pumping exercise to stretch your powers of endurance. Their clients include many celebrities, athletes and other public figures from all over the world.